Sunday, 13 June 2010

Weaving Experiments

I was inspired by my research into architectural weaving and decided to try some weaving of my own. I wanted to find a new way to connect the old 'lost' facade of my site and the current facade. I have already layered the elevations over each other which helped me to create new roof lines and start to think about ways to extend the existing space but it did not really inspire me in terms of the facade or resolve my ideas about the connection between old and new.

Layered elevation of the 'lost' and existing facades

I started to weave the 2 facades by first cutting them both into 2omm strips, one horizontally and one vertically. The vertical strips of the lost facade created my base, I then wove the existing facade through in a simple under and over pattern. This first attempt was a little messy but interesting.

First Weaving Experiment

For the second experiment I used the same method but this time I cut the vertical strips into 10mm pieces but kept the horizontal strips at 20mm. This created a different woven pattern. I think that this weave was more successful.

Second Weaving Experiment

For the next weave I introduced my wallpaper design onto the existing facade. I wanted to try and highlight one facade over the other to make it easier to read and to bring some pattern and colour into the weave. I went back to a square pattern, both strips cut to 20mm. I think this one was very successful because all of the windows and doors etc line up correctly, it is quite neat and easier to read as a piece of architecture.

Third Weaving Experiment

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