Saturday, 12 June 2010

Architectural Weaving

Following the feedback from the unit 1 assessment I have decided to try and diversify my area of study a little and carry out some more conceptual experiments to help me to generate more interesting forms and textures for my project. Throughout the project I have been interested in pattern design and silk weaving (linked to the historical context of the site), my material experiments have been running parallel to my architectural work on the site and I now need to combine them. Through discussions with Pete I have decided to look at ideas of architectural weaving and how I could weave the old and new contexts of my site as well as the old and new architectures. I have already looked at layering the old 'lost' architecture over the new but now I want to find new ways of combining them which might take this process one step further.

To move the project forward in a more creative and experimental way I am going to look to the current site context as well as the historical. I hope that this will generate new ideas about the site and help me to integrate my social programme. I will also continue to experiment with materials but at a larger scale. For the exhibition I aim to have some 1:1 elements to display which will enhance my architectural drawing. I have started to think about what my exhibition will look like but I think the final design will be very much driven by the scale and nature of the work I produce, however I would like the way I display my work to be linked to my ideas about archiving.

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