Thursday, 17 June 2010

Loop.pH - Electronic Wallpaper

"Loop.pH is a London based design and research studio that aims to bridge the gap between design and the natural sciences. They specialise in the conception, construction and fabrication of environmentally responsive textiles for the built environment. It is directed by designers Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl. Rachel is also a Senior Lecturer on the MA Design for Textile Futures course and a Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins, London. Mathias is a Research Associate at the Royal College of Art London. Loop.pH belong to an emerging generation of designers redefining conventions of how, why and with what things are made. Emphasis is placed on learning from both traditional craft based practices alongside the cutting edge of scientific and technological discovery. With a deep understanding of the complexity of ecological systems and natural cycles their approach to design and fabrication values the physical process of making as much as new and established research methodologies and theories. "

Blumen Wallpaper (2004) is an electronic wallpaper. The pattern is controllable through computer software and responds to its environment through a range of sensors.

"Blumen transforms traditional decorative surfaces into a rich, dynamic display of botanical life. It divides and ornaments space and can be seen in a wallpaper format as sliding panels. By working with traditional pattern making we have created an ornate printed design that is at the same time a working electrical circuit using electroluminescent technology. The repeating pattern allows the piece to be cut into smaller sections and even reassembled. The Blumen print is constructed from a number of addressable cells and with the use of various sensors the pattern emerges and develops in response to its environment. Based on the space the panels are presented in, and the characteristics of the sensor used, we develop an animated pattern language described in software. "

Stills from a Movie of Blumen Wallpaper. See the full movie here.

I find this technology really inspiring and have discussed with Pete in previous tutorials how I could animate the facade of the new 'exhibit' space that I have proposed will fill the gap between the corner of Brick Lane and 24-26 Fournier Street. I intend to try animating my own electronic wallpaper based on the weaving patterns which I have been researching.

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