Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pattern Design Experiment

I decided to experiment with designing my own wallpaper or fabric pattern. I wanted it to be a repeating pattern that could be used over a large surface area so I researched how to create a repeat design and found this really helpful step by step guide at Design Sponge Online.

1. First I created a design on a centre of a piece of paper. I used a forget-me-not floral motif inspired by the silk designs of Anna Maria Garthwaite. I made sure that none of the design touched the outer edges of the paper. After sketching it with pencil I used a fine black pen to ink over it.

2. Then following the step by step guide I cut the image in half vertically and flipped the 2 sides so the drawing was on the outer 2 edges. I then taped the 2 halves carefully back together. I repeated this process cutting it in half horizontally and flipping it again so the drawing was on the 4 corners.

3. In the white space left in the middle of the page I drew another sprig of flowers - completing the design.

4. After I had the completed sheet I scanned it into my computer and used photoshop to colour it up. After I had the completed design I was able to tile it to create a wallpaper.

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