Friday, 5 February 2010

Fournier Street's 'Lost' Buildings

I was inspired by Jonanthan Glancy's book 'Lost Buildings' to imagine what Fournier Street might have looked like before the original houses at numbers 22, 24, 26 and 28 were demolished. I used other houses on the street as inspiration and also the information I had gathered from historic site research. 22-28 were built as a later addition to the street, they do not appear on the original drawings or on the survey as they had been demolished before it was taken. They were on a 96 year lease granted by Wood and Michell in May 1728 to Samuel Worrall who started to build straight away. If they were demolished after the lease ran out they would have been gone by 1824, by this time the silk trade was declining so it is likely that the houses had become run down or were empty. I think numbers 22-28 Fournier Street would have been less grand than some of their neighbours and would have been slightly narrower. I have used the simpler, arched door with fanlight from houses further up the street and larger square windows. They would probably still have had attic spaces for weaving so I have included windows in the roof.

22-28 Fournier Street as I imagine they would have looked in the 1700's

22-28 Fournier Street as they look today

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