Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Atelier Domino

London based studio Atelier Domino focuses on hand-crafted art and design and particularly on pattern in interiors. The studio was set up by Ana Araujo and Willem de Bruijn, Ana trained as an architect in Brazil and has just finished a PhD on the themes of Pattern at UCL. During my review last week we discussed the importance of pattern to the design and I am widening my research to not only include silk pattern design but also the history and use of wallpaper in interiors. Atelier Domino's work is very relevant to my research and the many ways that they have reproduced patterns is inspiring.

Gravedure is a project at a home for elderly people in Belgium, it started as a wallpaper commission but then became a series of 'surface interventions' including wallpaper, curtains, ceiling tiles, furniture and uniforms. The inspiration came from the history of tapestry weaving and Flemish textiles in the area, this directly links to the research that I have been doing on the silk weaving industry in Spitalfields.

Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry design

Reproduction of design as a raised surface

Finished Product

Design embossed on to paper

The work of Atelier Domino has inspired me to try and design a pattern which could be repeated in a range of media throughout my project. I am going to do more research into the trends and fashions in fabric and wallpaper during the 18th Century which I will help me to gather a range of sources to work from.

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