Friday, 9 April 2010

Site Photography

Yesterday I took advantage of the lovely weather and visited my site. It has been quite a while since I last visited and I have been waiting for the weather to improve before taking photographs. The building work on the mosque directly opposite my site seems to have finished, they have built a minaret on the corner of Fournier Street and Brick Lane but the original building does not seem to have changed. It was very hard to take photographs of the building elevations because the street is so narrow and the buildings so tall. I have created a collage of images which I have tried to stitch together but you can see how difficult it was due to the angle of the photographs:

I also took some pictures of the street and surrounding area:

The Hawksmoor Church at the top of Fournier Street

View from the top of Fournier Street

Typical Houses on Fournier Street

Houses Eleven and Eleven and a Half

The New Minarete at the Fournier Street Mosque

View from the End of Fournier Street

Corner of Brick Lane and Fournier Street

View of My Site

View from the End of Fournier Street looking towards Spitalfields Market

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