Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More Pattern Design Experiments

I have continued to work on pattern designs for use within my proposal. Originally when I started looking at pattern design it was inspired by the 18th Century silk designs from Spitalfields, the delicate floral designs of the period can be seen not just on textiles but also in wallpaper and fashion design. I want to stick with the floral images but find a more contemporary image or way of using pattern in my proposal. I decided that to move my original design on I would begin by recording forget-me-nots in several different media. I am still working on these images but this is what I have done so far:

Painted study of a forget-me-not flower - I used acrylic paint in bright colours to create a bold image of a single flower

Pattern Repeat - I scanned in the painting and created a pattern repeat in the same way that I created my original design only this time I used photoshop instead of cutting it out by hand.


  1. Lovely forget me not, Charlotte. It's simple, but very well balanced. I love the flow of the color.

  2. It is a beautiful image. I need a forget-me-not image to pair with some inspirational quotes for a handout to church women's organization. I plan to make about 40 handouts. Would you be OK with this use of the image of your painting?

    Thank you for your time and attention

  3. Lovely forget me not. Would it be Ok to use your image on program cover for a forget me not luncheon at church for a group of about 200 women? Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Natalie, did you ever get a response from the artist regarding using the forget me not image for the church luncheon? Patty Meritt (next comment on her page)

  4. Charlotte, This is a beautiful rendition of the Alaska State flower (USA). I was hoping it could be used as an image with the Early Childhood Education program for the University of Alaska. Do you allow it to be used by educational groups? Patty

  5. Did you ever receive a reply from the artist? I’m interested in incorporating it as well.