Monday, 1 March 2010

Weaving Patterns

During my research I found an old book in the library on weaving patterns. It contained some diagrams of traditional weaves and examples of woven fabric. I really liked the geometric patterns and used them as inspiration for the facade of the exhibition space on my initial project proposal.

Weaving Patterns

Weaving Patterns

Example of woven fabric


I have also been researching how to make my own loom and have found lots of examples on blogs which I can try. I am hoping that by experimenting with my own weaves and patterns I will be able to generate some material ideas for the facade of the building and for use as fabric internally.

I found an example were woven fabric has inspired a facade design in the book Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture. The project by Hild und K is a private house in Germany.

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  1. Hey hey, you should take a look at Conrad Shawcross 'The Nervous System' and 'chord' for inspiration for a weaving device...pretty cool...