Thursday, 4 March 2010

Initial Concept Layout

I have been working on the initial concept layout for my proposal. An important part of the proposal is the process of moving between the buildings and the circulation within them. This was a challenge to solve as space was limited, especially in the new Exhibit building which is only about 2.5 metres wide. I knew I wanted to keep the Archive space separate and more private than Create or Exhibit so this has its own entrance and circulation core. I have left the floor levels as existing except for the top floor which is now double height with a mezzanine to take advantage of the raised roof line. I was happy for the boundary of Create and Exhibit to be broken down slightly and had originally thought this might be in the form of viewing balconies and spaces for observation but when looking at the plans I found that the best solution was for them to share a central circulation space. I have proposed a new external lift on the rear elevation and a new staircase internally. I have removed the ground floor in Create, except for a small entrance area, which creates a large double height volume at basement level. I see this space being used for weaving and large scale work. The other floors will have smaller, more private rooms for individual work. The new attic space created by the raised roof will be used for the teaching of traditional weaving techniques, there will be demonstrations viewable from the exhibit space. There is a discreet link between Archive and Create at 2nd floor level, this will be a private link for use by researchers working in the individual creative spaces. I have used a sketch up model to try to explain the concept in the easiest way possible. I am currently working up more detailed CAD plans and after I am happy with these I will move on to adding elevational detail.

Axo View of the Sketch Up Model

Basement Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Roof Plan

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