Thursday, 26 November 2009

Spaces and Narrations Crit

The week before the crit went very quickly but I was happy with what I achieved in the time and spent Thursday afternoon pinning up and preparing for Friday so I felt quite relaxed when it came to presenting my work. I did continue with the exhibition theme deciding to make it an exhibition about memory and the history of the everyday. Below is what I presented:

The large fireplace piece was the part I was happiest with. The wax casts were also quite successful when the main studio lights were turned off. If I had more time I would have improved the way that I made and presented some of the work but considering the time span of the project I was pleased with how it turned out. The feedback I got was good and I thought the way the crits were structured by Robin and Pete was excellent as it meant that we did not run over our allotted time and everyone got a chance to discuss the work being presented. The feedback sheets were also very helpful in focusing our presentations and recording the group discussions. There was a lot of interesting work up in the studio and it was really nice to see what everyone had been making. I was really impressed with the scale of some of the work and the quality of what people had made. There was also a lot of variety in what people presented which made it interesting to watch.

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