Friday, 13 November 2009

Group Tutorial

Today we had a group tutorial with Pete and Ken. Our work had to be pinned up on the wall for discussion by 10 am. I spent quite a long time this week mounting and presenting my work in preperation for next weeks crit, I also experimented with the idea of mounting some of my work like museum pieces. Below is an image of the work I pinned up:

The tutorial went well and I got some very usefull feedback which included ideas about how to present the work next week. I have decided to present the work as a museum 'exhibition'. As part of the brief we had to write a 300 word text to accompany our 2D and 3D outcomes, my text is going to be in the form of an exhibition guide. I am happy with this idea and think that it will fulfill the brief and help me to explore my research concerns in greater detail. It was decided that the centre piece of the exhibition would be a larger mold of the fireplace assembled on the wall of the gallery with a selection of wax casts that I will light from behind to make them appear almost ghostly. These 3D outcomes will the presented along with my initial set of photographs of the house. I am now setting up a layout for my exhibition guide and trying to think of some names.

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